From the very beginning German group Touche´ consisted of five guys:Martin ,Alexander , Karim , Dennis and Glenn. Originally, Dieter Bohlen has told, that will be only producer of this group and will not touch their music and texts, but... Soon he has written I Want You Back, I Want Your Heart. And thus became also their composer / poet, though and under a pseudonym Joseph Cooley. In July 1997 Touche´ published first single "I Can't Get No Sleep". In November, 1997 the group published first album with the name Part One. The exit of an album has anticipated single "I Want You Back, I Want Your Heart", issued by month earlier. Then one more single - "I'll Give You My Heart" (December 1997).In November 1998 published the cover-version Village People"Y.M.C.A." feat. Krayzee. The record of the given composition also was included in an album Kids in America (November 1998).

In December published next single of group - "This Goodbye Is Not Forever" , which on the style considerably differs from Part One. After these singles Touche of steel are known around Europe and not only. Also in 1998 years the guys have taken part in the charitable project together with Gil, Blumchen, ' N Sync, Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, The Boyz, and others. They all together have sung a song "Let The Music Heal Your Soul" . And March 31, 1999 Karim left the group. And so, Last joint work of the guys was single " Kids In America"(April 1999). After that Martin, Alexander, Dennis and Glenn published the Third album Touche - Another Part Of Us (february 2000), this album represented singles "Dinner In Heaven" (November 1999) and "Heaven is for everyone" (February 2000). After it they stopped to work

with Dieter Bohlen and they had to look for a new record company. They made/produced a black song with rapping "Doomsday" which they thought to publish as the next single. But they didn't find any record company. So Glenn and Dennis began to make own music. Martin took Donny and Chris in Touché in 2002. This way Martin, Alex, Chris and Donny published two singles called "Hey you" and "Can't hurry love". Anyway, the guys stopped work together in 2003. Martin begin to make own music! So we can see how good it will be!


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