Karim Maataoui

Name: Karim Maataoui
Birthday: 23.09.1974
Birthtown: Paris( France)
Eyes colour: brown
Hair colour:brown
Hobbies:swim and football
Favourite food:Pizza, fast food
Favourite drink:beer
Favourite music:
George Michael, Blackstreet
Favourite actor/acrtess:
George Clooney / Alicia Silverstone

What is going on with Karim?
He left Touche in April, 1999. Then he published solo single called "Just Wanna Love You" in May, 2000. More things you can find on News page!

Here you can find photos, pictures and other information about Karim:

Photos from making of the clip "Missing You"

Interview with Karim /Hamburg-Almaty. April, 2004/

Photos from Big Brother Show

Maybe, this link isn't open... So at the first you can visit www.redpoint.tv => click to "Prominente" => Find "Karim Maataoui" in the list. I think it must works!

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