Martin Scholz

Name: Martin Scholz
Nickname: Plant
Birthday: 03.10.1970
Birthtown: Bremen (Germany)
Horoscope: Libra
Height: 1,80 m
Wight:63 kg
Eyes colour: blue-green
Hobbies: Sing, Dance, Music
Favorite food: Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Favorite drink: Cola, Cacao
Favourite music: House, Soul und Black Musik
Favorite singer: Michael Jackson
Favourite actor: Bruce Willis

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Martin Scholz, born in Bremen, had always the slope to the music.
Already with 15 it created its first volume " Scientic Fleur " with which it its first television appearance with Tele 5 (Roadshow) " at that time " already completed and collected first experiences in the Musikbusiness.
After 2 years it wanted to change and was based the Punk-Rock-Band, Debil. With the formation "Debil" it played on numerous Festivals and local meetings.

Several first and second prices were won on talent competitions in of Bremen the area. Its training as Stylist led Martin from domestic Bremen into the metropolises of Europe. Nearly he in London and Paris spent one year around there the new trends to discover.
The love for the music do not read it however returned loosely and in such a way it with new ideas to Germany, where it created then the Pop/Rock volume "The Hydroplanes.
After a half year intensive writing of songs and samples he took up its first CD. On a concert with Hydroplanes became acquainted with he Glenn Frey.
Martin and Glenn make friends themselves and decided a title together to produce. One sent and got the finished Song to VIVA with the goal attention to wake first very good resonances.
By a contact to the studio, to which Glenn and Martin took up the Song, Dieter Bohlen became attentive to the two. The VIVA appearance was shifted and Dieter Bohlen took care of the Duos. Already during first productions it became clear that a mehrstimmiges concept should be pursued and so became with Alex, Dennis and Karim the Boyband Touche completely.
In this formation Martin celebrated large successes, published 10 Singles and 4 LP's. Won countless prices e.g. RSH GOLD and the group got the honor to the most popular Popgruppe Germany, selected from the youth magazine POPCORN.
5 years tourten you by the world saw countries such as China, Kazakhstan, Estland, America, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and many more. They played in sold off resounding, gave numerous interviews had exciting of video trick.
Martin decided to expand its career and moderated short time later for BRAVO TV several special transmissions ' BRAVO TV extra '. Thus RTL2 on it attentively and offered to it its own transmission format. "SHOUT" was called the transmission and was a kind Speakers Corner for pupils.
Also some guest roles with well-known Soaps how: MARIENHOF, GZSZ, AMONG US etc. followed. With GZSZ one wanted to engage it even for a main role, but the music was it more importantly and in such a way rejected it.
When it became somewhat quieter around Touche, Martin used the time over in the studio to go to dedicate itself and to its already long desired solo project.
Together with Thomas Nohre, producer of Naima, ME and My, Fresh & Juicy etc. it took up in the last 2 years to the 60 Songs.
If time were, it completed first solo appearances:
a) on the VIVA stage on the music celebration at the ring 2001 together with Sarah Connor, Vanessa Amorosi, Loona, Bosson, Sylver, Safri duo, Scooter, and many more;
b) numerous Radiofestivals (Baltic Sea wave, national wave Thuringia) together with Nieman, Peter Schilling, Jimmy Summerville u.s.w.;
c)on the VIVA stage on the YOU 2001 in Berlin with Jeanette Biedermann, Orange Blue, Ayman;
d)several appearances in Discotheques.
In September 2001 came with Matthias Jabs, guitarist of the Scorpions, a second producer also into the team. The Pop experience of Thomas Nohre and the rockige component of Matthias Jabs shapes the sound of Martin S. with production seized Matthias Jabs also to the guitar. As further musicians one can hear among other things the bassist T.M. of stevens (Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, James Brown).