Interview with Karim

Here you can read some kind of Interview with Karim. He was so nice that answered on my questions. Thank you so much! Let's go to read what's happend with Karim after Touché time...

?   What s going on in your life after Touche?

Karim: After I left the group the other guys tried to release a couple of discs, which weren't that successful. That was the reason why Dieter dropped the group Touche. Even if they went on their own I was really sad about the hard times they went through - at the end of the day T. was also my baby!

?   The last that I listen about you (It was 4 years ago!) is you solo single "I just wanna love you". How much popular it was in Germany?

Karim: I know a long time! "Just wanna love you" was just starting to become popular (I think Top 10 German Selling Charts). In the middle of the promotion Tour I had to join German military service... a nightmare ... right after the service I didn't had any energy in my soul left to restart, that's why I left to Monte Carlo - Monaco. I spend there 3 years of quality time, while writing my own Songs and charging my batteries. In December 2003 I had my first gig for charity reasons together with Scooter, The Scorpions and a lot more. That's the time where I decided coming back singing in public!

?   When and what kind of movie did you play with?

Karim: In 2000 I played a nice guest role in a German series. It had 5 Million visitors - a huge success in Germany, but honestly not my cup of tea!

?   What s going on in your life now?

Karim: I m just recording my LP! The first single will be released pretty soon I guess called "MY LOVE HAS CHANGED". I hope very soon in the middle of May I hope my fan page will be set up.

?   What is the city/country you live in?

Karim: I'm switching between Hamburg-GERMANY and the south of France.

?   You told about release. How much time we must wait? Is it release only in Germany?

Karim: I don t know the record companies over there! If the would show interest I would love to release in Kazakhstan, too. I really loved and enjoyed your country last time.

?   Oh, it s great that you remember time in Almaty (October 11, 1998)! I wasn't there because I was small and silly a little bit ... Do you have something on memory from Almaty? Maybe, any photos or other things?

Karim: Riding horseback in the mountains with my fantastic security guys, who I really loved like brothers.

?   Do you have come to Almaty again? I mean any concert?

Karim: You'll never know! As I told you I loved and still love Almaty! I send all my fans a lot of love and I hope to see you soon someday!

April, 2004


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