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About Morocco

Morocco Kingdom is situated on northeast of Africa. Its total area is more than 445,5 000 square km. The population of Morocco is about 20 mln people. Rabat is the capital of Morocco. There are live near 680.000 people in Rabat. Touché were in Rabat in 1998!

Touché dance in Morocco

Completely in white, in Jaleba, a traditional national Bedouin's suit, guys from Touche pose before a royal palace of the Moroccan capital - Rabat. For Alex, Glenn, Martin and Dennis it's the first travel to Morocco. Only Karim was here often - his family lived in the Meknes-city, which is approximately in 200 km from capital. His parents, who, however, for a long time live in Germany, were born there. The reason of an urgent three-day trip on the north-african earth was the invitation of the Moroccan government to the international pop-festival in Rabat, where Touche represented Germany. Already one week before Touche' comin' their songs were played on radiostations everyday, and listeners voted for group. Karim: "When we acted on open air before 6000-th audience, we did not trust the eyes - all fans echoed our songs".
For the second fruitful day five guys walked on a market of Rabat.
Karim has been a little bit disappointed by a trip:" Unfortunately, I couldn't visit my family, 'cause time has been limited. However, July comes to an end, it is necessary to hope, that it will be settled. All the same we have been invited by the royal house for a personal concert".

Touché before the Royal palace

On a market: Touché play the fool

Exulting in Rabat: Touché appear before 6000 audience

Translated by Olya B.

(c) PopCorn: 1998


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