Interview with Martin

Hey, I've got answers on my questions from Martin at last!!! Thank you so much that you found a time for me! I know how much you are busy now. Thank you one more time!

?   Martin, there are a lot of informarion about you! Sadly, no one from the guys of Touche can't say the same. I wish you good luck in your future career! How are you feeling? What s going on in your life now?

Martin: At the moment very good. The tv-job makes a lot of fun, the actors career is going on.

?    "Der VIII. Grad"(En: The 8th degree ) comes on 2004, 15th July on DVD & VHS! Congradulation! What is movie about?

Martin: Thanks, the movie is thriller about new technologies (software&hardware) to catch killers.

?   Do you plan to continue the actor's career?

Martin: Yes, my new production starts on autumn this year.

?   "Der VIII. Grad" is the thriller. What is kind of movie you like?

Martin: Good question, it depends!

?   When you went to cinema at the last time and what are you saw?

Martin: Last week - Spiderman

?   "Thanks for lovin' me" still wasn t released in CIS. Do you have any problems?

Martin: No, normally not. You know, it needs always more time that we plan - that's music!

?   Do you plan to publish the album or work on TV take all of your time?

Martin: I plan to publish my music, I think next year we will release more. But in the moment TV takes really a lot of time.

?   What is on the first place for you now: TV, music, movie?

Martin: You know, music is my favorite, but in the moment I think TV, music & movie!

?   I was glad to heard that you remember Almaty! Do you have come to Almaty again?

Martin: I hope, it was really great there!

?   Do you have plans on future or you are live in the everyday life?

Martin: No, I plan my life but in my job it s allways good to improve.

?   Do you want to tell something for fans of you?

Martin: I know a lot of actors will tell the same: I love you all! But I mean it from my heart.

July 26, 2004


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