Interview with Karim #3

Hey, I'm just asked Karim about last Interview in this year! Well, Karim, thank you so much for found the time for answer!

?   Hello Karim! How are you?

Karim: GREAT, thanx for asking.

?   Is something changed with you in these last months?

Karim: Absolutely! My heart is full of music, my soul and everything else, too. I'm really happy about being back!

?   Your single "Missing you" was release in September! Is it still successful in Germany?

Karim: It was a great Comeback, after being away for so long. Germans biggest news paper BILD just called "Missing you" the Lovesong 2004.

?   Do you like back on the stage?

Karim: I really love it and I really need it to be a happy puppy(a baby dog is called puppy)

?   Have you any ideas for the next single?

Karim: It'll be a very sexy song, we are just planning the video clip.

?   I read that you will go to Russia in 2005! Maybe, you will visit Kazakhstan too?

Karim: I would love too, but I still don't really know which cities we will visit.

?   How often you connect in the Internet?

Karim: Nearly every day with my Lap top.

?   Do you know how much websites people made about you?

Karim: I think there are a couple of pages. I think it's great and it makes me really proud that I have friends and fans who still love me that much. I know it is a lot of work.

?   Can you write some of websites? Do you have contacts with webmasters?

Karim: To the guys from I am pretty close. The webmaster is a realy nice guy.

?   Christmas time is coming soon. Can you feel it?

Karim: Honestly not yet. I just came back from Italy. When I am home for Christmas I will feel it pretty strong I guess. My mother is cooking the same yammie food as usual. I'm really looking forward seeing her.

?   How do you plan to meet New Year?

Karim: I still don't know yet.

?   What will you do in 2005? Do you have any plans?

Karim: It's the year of my comeback LP and a lot more - you'll know by having a look on my page from time to time.

?   What can you wish to people in Christmas time and New Year?

Karim: Love, love and more love!

December 14, 2004


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