Interview with Karim #2

Here you can read my second Interview with Karim! Just read it and you will know some facts from his life at this moment!

?   Two months have passed since we communicated last time. You had time to live in the Big Brother house for this time.What is purpose you have gone in the BB House with?

Karim: To show my fans that I am just a normal guy, with mistakes and anything else - I am not perfect, but I am real - if I like someone, I really do, if not I really don't.

?   Did you think about cameras and millions of people who look at you in every moment?

Karim: Of course not every moment, but I guess there have been some in the house!

?   What was more difficult for you there?

Karim: To be in one team with a person, who was such a fake. She turned everything into a different meaning and published it to anyone - I don' t like people who look at you and say red and change it to blue if you are not around. Anyway let's forget about this!

?   Did you missed for anybody or anything in the BB House?

Karim: I really liked Lisa, because for me, she was a real one, even if I don' t share her opinion about a relationship - but when she said red, she meant it and didn't change it every 3 seconds - she was the one I really respected most as a character - that was the reason I really liked her from the bottom of my heart.If it wasn' t for her I would have left the house earlier.

?   Big Brother time is over for you. Do you regret that has not won 1.000.000 Euro?

Karim: I can't stop crying!!!! Of course not! I would have had to spend 2 Million Euro for a psychologist! You see! I saved money!

?   What you did the first when has left from the BB House?

Karim: Guess what!

?   I heard that you sang the song there. What is the name of it? Is this song from your new album?

Karim: "Missing you so", it is one of my favourite songs on the upcoming album - it' s dedicated to everyone I really miss, when I am travelling around. Believe it or don't - even if I had 4 great years, I missed my fans damn much!

?   What is new date release of "My love has changed"?

Karim: I can' t tell you, but I' ll let you know as soon as possible!

?   Is your album ready?

Karim: Not yet - still 5 songs to record, but it' ll be the best thing I ever did in my whole life! I am already really proud!

?   How much songs will be in it?

Karim: About 12 tracks. Each song written with my heart and soul!

?   Do you plan any concerts in Germany in this summer?

Karim: If I' ll be ready with my album - yes - if not it' ll have to wait!

?   Do you want to tell something for your fans?

Karim: I love you and I am looking forward to see each one soon! Bye the way have a look on my page - it ' s made for you and soon it' ll be translated in english!

June 29, 2004


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