"We will remember always you,
though you any more together.
  But you are live in our hearts!"
Some pictures of Glenn and Dennis, Martin, Karim and Alex in childhood and parents of them from magazines! Thanx to Olya B!
You can find Karim on www.myspace.com at this moment! There are you will find some photos, video and music of Karma.

Martin published the album! More in News!
The new single "Marie" of Moonbeats (Dennis Frey) you can buy at www.musicload.de!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of yours!!! Hope all be great with ex-Touche guys and 2007 year will be successful for them!!!

A lot of pictures from clips like I can't get no sleep, I want you back I want your heart, I'll give you my heart, Y.M.C.A., This goodbye is not forever and Kids in America!
Articles about Touche tours in Vienna, Shanghai, Rabat from Popcorn. Translated by Olya B.
Some News and update of Website for Glenn and Dennis www.freys4ever.narod.ru

Chris is back! You can find a lot of information on Official website www.agc-agoodclass.com and Fansite made by Michi&Danny www.april-chris.de!
I put some pictures of Chris and April.
Donny published the album! You can read about on on Official website of Donny White: www.donnywhite.de.
Some News and update of Website for Glenn and Dennis www.freys4ever.narod.ru

The new Martin's band called Stoked Toys!
The article about Alex in Big Brother Show at Tommy Magazine.
Some links to websites about ex-Touche guys at the News page.

Happy New 2006 Year to all of yours!!!!

Some News about ex-Touche guys and links to pages of them.
Alex was in Big Brother Show! Look at Big brother page!
Glenn is the new singer of Relax. You can read about this on my other page www.freys4ever.narod.ru!
A little part of Photos by Karim...

Karim in the show called "Die Burg" on Pro 7 at 10.30 pm on Sundays!
The last News about the next TV Dates of Martin and new photos of him.

Some News about Martin and new website of Karim.
There is my last Interview with Karim in this year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of yours!!! Wish you all the best in 2005!!!

Some News about clip "Missing you" of Karim.
There are some pictures from the Clip "Missing you".
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTIN!!! Wish you a lot of luck on TV, movie, music and happy in personal life!

Hey, that's one great news! I've got Interview from Martin!
There is a new page Tours where you can read about Touché tours in Kazakhstan and Estonia.
Also I put some Articles and Photos from Almaty.
A new Forum for all Touché guys! We will be wait you there...

Some News from Martin and new page address of Karim.
I put some photos of Karim from Big Brother House.
My 2nd Interview with Karim. Hey, thank you 4 this!

Wow, Karim in Big Brother Show! Read in News...
Pictures from BB house you can look at Big Brother page.

Hey, I have a good News for fans of Karim!
The picture from future release you can see in Karim page.
Karim was so nice that answered on my questions! You can read about here: Interview of Karim.

I wrote last News about Martin's single, photos and 9Live.
I found some homepages with old pictures and interviews of the guys. You can look it here: Interviews and Links. It's all on German there...
I put some new Links on old Polish and German pages of Touché and other websites.

There are two absolutely new pages about Chris and Donny.
I made News & Voting page. I will be put URL of votings for Martin's single "Thanx for loving me" on Russian's websites of different radio stations and tv-channels.
Some links to pages where you can listen / buy a lot of songs of Touché in Audio!
I've got photos of Alex! Yeah, he is still alive and feeling good!

Now you can download clip "Let the music heal your soul" come to Audio !
You can find a link to the article about "The 8th degree". This is the movie where Martin plays a role. If somebody can help me translate it on English I will publish English version of artilce here.
Hey you can answer on New Question... There you will fine result of old question too.
Hey Karim's fans! You can see photos of Karim. I don't know how much it old. Make all that write on the page another way you don't find/open his pix. Thanx to one nice girl (she knows) 4 link!

I added much more Links to old Fansites about Touch and to others Great Websites!
You can find some new Fan's Photos from Sabrina. Especially thanks to you for it!
If you want to know about Touch with Chris and Donny you will find it here .
If somebody know or even had fansite for Touch and I didn't make link to you, Please, let me know in my Guestbook! Thanks!!!

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