Hello Everybody! It's my greetings page.

First, I wanna thank to Glenn, Dennis, Martin and Alex.
Without you this Website never would be.
I wish good luck in your careers and personal life.
I will be wait new songs from each of you!
I hope, that you will achieve the even greater success separately,
though I will always miss by Touche´.
Second, Greetings to my best pen-friends:
Jatta, Lena L, Agnieszka, Sabrina, Pilar, Valentina, Tosha, Olga, Mandy, Sandy, Nadine, Kakao, Katie, Mike
My friends Tanya and Lena S , my cousin Maria .
 Thank you for friendship!

Thirdly, Greetings to all Touche´ fans ! There are more Martin's fans and fans of Glenn and Dennis,I know. Because Touche´ was great group, which knew and loved in many countries of our planet!
I will remember always you!

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