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Estonia is republic in northeastern Europe. With Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia is one of the Baltic states. Estonia covers an area of 45,227 sq km (17,462 sq mi). The population of Estonia, estimated at 1,401,945 in 2004, is the smallest of any republic of CIS. Tallinn is the capital as well as the largest city and chief port.

June 1, 1999

Touche had a concert on the Day of protection of children. It was June 1, 1999 in Tallinn. The concert was for free for children younger then 16 years old. Glenn, Dennis, Martin and Alex gave interview on Estonian channel ETV. There also was the question...
VJ: What is the best present of fans for you?
Guys: The present that made by fan, own hands!
Martin: I like when fans present houses or cars
The guys and a lot of fans have sung favorite hits all together in that day!

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia

The Baltic Sea, Estonian part

BRAVO SuperShow, 1999

  Estonian Press


A new album of Touche called "Kids in America" recorded near 2 years. The group became must adult and professionally in it. Touche is not ordinary boy-band. This is band that has a lot of different music styles in one album. Thanks to TV shows and concerts they are became a famous around the world.
The career began at 1997 when fame and a lot of problems came all together. The guys went off it and didn't lose a belief in them.

"We are a great band who can went off all problems. I think it goes on so because we are friends a long of time. We are believe in each other," said Glenn. German fans like the guys and to support by load applause. Other public were in Shanghai. "Public listened so quiet without any move. But when the first song is over a load applause became," remembered Karim. Karim interesting in other countries because of his origin: he has Moroccan and German passports. He knows English, German, Arabian and French. Karim and Alex was the first who became group in 1996. Alex likes not only the music also extreme sport. Martin always has a good mood: if somebody in sad he is the man who can make merry.

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