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Touché in Shanghai

It was time to make 11-hour flight - Touche with smiles for the first time enter on this earth. Guys from Hanover - one of the few, who have received the sanction of the Chinese government to act in this country. Within the limits of German fair they appeared before the capital of China with population13,3 million people, - and with great success: " During our performance spectators had absolutely a rest, certainly after we have sung our songs. During performance the absolute silence was dominate" - tells Martin (23)."For Chineses to listen to singing - simultaneously courtesy and pleasure. In this case they speak in that way just to express approval and to enable to sing!

" Another land, another customs, but guys almost all the time felt themselves optimistically: " People here very friendly and curious. They don't know any envy under the attitude to each other. Once it is possible just to start thinkin' as Chineses, to make ourselves even on droplets to their mentality! " - tells impressed Karim.
In the overflown streets five guys should not give in to various temptations - at each corner there are small kitchens from which captivating aroma comes. However they should abstain from these fine dishes, 'cause they are not intended for the European stomaches, it is possible to earn quickly to an illness. And especially Alex should observe of himself after recover, 'cause everything is fine with him, however, it would be very annoyingly, if it has repeated with him! Just to avoid this, they ate almost only in McDonalds, where Dennis, because of problems with language, instead of one portion of a chicken has drunk 10 packings of tablets! Voracious appetite suddenly was gone from all guys!
The Shanghai's citizens became impregnated with an intimate atmosphere during extemporaneous acapella, which, certainly, has not done without a small hurly-burly! Martin should find the most suitable words - his blond hair, like thorns, were such fascinating for audience, that they by all means would like to touch them. Simultaneously with this they are waited by the best and true admirers - JUST YOU! - children, who will enjoy live performances, which will be under the motto " Back in town " on July, 11th in Delmenhorst and 19-th in Hanover, where Touche will execute the brand new single on open air (the name is not approved yet). Tickets

Shanghai - exponential city of China with the population 13,3 million people

Within the limits of one performance Touche represent their live-show, and fans word for word slip out from chairs!

During the shortest time Touche became known in Shanghai as "a motley dog". Schoolboys with pride show in the camera their autographes!

Translated by Olya B.

(c) PopCorn: July, 1998


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