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About Austria

Austria is situated in central Europe. Its total area is more than 83,8 000 square kilometers. The population of Austria is about 7,5 mln people. Vienna is the capital of Austria. There are live near 1,6 mln people in Vienna. Touch? were in Vienna in 1998!

Touché in Vienna

Veinna - certainly one of the most beautiful European cities! Guys from Touche also wished to be convinced in it and have made small travel to city on Danube with magazine "the HIT!", which was there specially for you!
" The Vein - surprisingly beautiful city, but unequivocally the best here is a meal! " - still admired Karim. Most of all he liked the Austrian sweet dishes: " We have tasted a strawberry pudding in the evening, it is simply ingenious! In Northern Germany we don't know such dishes at all, but I have asked about recipe. I can't imagine how it's possible to live without such tasty thing! " Who had already a rest in Austria, will agree with Karim, even if he has slightly exaggerated it. Anyhow, it's possible to look many things in the Vien, and guys from Touche were engaged in it. The Vein is a very versatile city, and everyone has found here something for itself. By the way, for example, Alex: "We once were in the Vein, but I was there definitely not last time. It's so a lot of interesting in the Vien. So, for example, cosy carriages with horses, which, by the way, called here fiacre (carrier). At a mention of a fiacre Karim starts to laugh loudly: "The coachman was surprised, why so many girls has run for us, then we have explained him, that we are the guys from group Touche. And then horses neighed and were carried by the ground! " We have decided to specify once again at Alex, just to cheat misunderstanding: "In the beginning we have apprehended it critical, but the coachman has told, that horses always do it, when are pleased".
Dennis, first of all, has shared impressions about Stephan's cathedral, which is called here just "Shteffel": " It's a remarkable construction indeed. The mix of building elements in Gothic and Romance style, and also style of a baroque is simply grandiose. I have sent a lot of cards with the image of a cathedral to my friends, they have similarly responded about it ".
Alex, Karim, Glenn and Martin have found the great response at many girls. Girls gathered everywhere where were the guys. In one word, the smile glimpses on Martin's face: "Karim apparently flirted all the time. It seems to me, that he absolutely has looked nothing in city ". But Karim is ready to protect himself: " I did not flirt, I just politely communicated with our fans. There were girls from the every possible countries - Italy, Spain, Germany, and, certainly, most of all - the Austrian girls ".
But fans have been enthusiastic enough also without Karim, when Glenn, Dennis, Karim, Alex and Martin have started to improvise: Touche sang acapella of such hits, like I'll give you my heart ". Girls had a true storm of delight. Enthusiasm was mutual: "Fans in the Vein were really cool" - Alex assures. " When we would like to be a little bit in rest and silence, they were so kind and left us alone". And colleague Martin supplements, smiling: " At last, we by all means wished to go to the Austrian caf? to taste a world famous pie - but with 100 fans who went behind, it was not so easy. But as girls here are very kind, we at once began to enjoy a chocolate pie as soon, as it has been served". Karim adds again: "I still have a slaver, when I recollect this pie, moreover with coffee! "
Then purchases - for guys from Touche it's all in the day's work, to bring souvenirs from each city. And every guy has his own values, as Martin explains us: " the Footwear is my small weakness. I buy to myself several pairs of footwear in each city if i have a little free time. I guess, the special room for footwear will require to me". Alex has less problems with souvenirs: " If we go to another city, I mostly buy to myself rings as it is a unique beautiful thing, which is pleasant to me. Besides if I will be in a good mood some day, I can put on absolutely various rings". Dennis also seldom comes home without gifts - certainly, more often, he indulges himself with perfume: "you know, that I'm the absolute fan of perfume. I will buy to myself new aroma at each opportunity - I just love it, to smell in a new fashion every day". Brother Glenn, on the contrary, always searches information: " My unique souvenirs are always the newest computer programs. I sit at a computer at leisure very much, therefore I should be well informed, what new programs have appeared". Karim - the one, who can not make any new purchases. But all the same he has found something in the Vein: " I have found for myself one thing that was to my liking. You could not present yourselves at all? The recipe of a strawberry dessert - it was pleasant for me most of all! "

Jolly carriers in the Vein are always!

We will be back!

Guys are happy: "Cakes at last"

Translated by Olya B.

(c) PopCorn: 1998


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