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You can save this Audio files on your computer. You must click right key of the mouse by the choose song and left key click on "Save as". Then you must choose the place where you want save a song. That's all... Enjoy this songs!

Die Audios konnt ihr speichern, indem ihr mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Link klickt und dann auf "Ziel speichern unter" klickt. Anschliessend konnt ihr das Zielverzeichnis auf eurem Computer wahlen.

I Want You back, I Want Your Heart
I'll Give You My Heart
I Want Your Body

This Goodbye Is Not Forever
Kids In America
And When I Die
There's Nobody

Dinner In Heaven
Heaven Is For Everyone
You're All I Want

The quality of those songs aren't the best ( 700kb till 1,04 Mb). Because of this You can try to find an Albums in your city and buy it!

Now you can download a VIDEO clip "Let The Music Heal Your Soul"!

"Let The Music Heal Your Soul" 320x240 (10 MB)
"Let The Music Heal Your Soul" 160x120 (3 MB)

You can listen some of songs in Real time and to buy albums here:

Part One - album
Kids in America - album
Another part of us - album
"I'll Give You My Heart" - album

"I can't get no sleep" - single
"I'll Give You My Heart" - single
"Y.M.C.A" - single
"This goodbye is not forever" - single
"Kids in America" - single
"Dinner in heaven" - single
"Heaven is for everyone" - single
"Hey you" - single
"Can't hurry love" - single



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