Touche in Almaty / Kazakh press

Caravan: November, 1998

"Hi! We wanna ask you about Touche. What is the name of guys? How old are they? Did they like to be in Almaty? Why the concert was removed with October 9 on October 10? What's happened then? Thanx for the answer!
Fans of Touche, Almaty"

What's happened? The weather was bad and guys waited in Tashkent. Good people answer that likes if somebody asked: "Did you like to be here?" Well, guys presented as: two "old" friends, two brothers and young friend of them. The presses write: "Touche is five voices which sing as good like exception!"
The names of guys from Touche are Martin, Glenn, Alex, Karim and Dennis.

Dennis Frey (Moppy) was born August 9, 1981 in Delmenhorst. He likes to play on guitar, listen to music, eat pizza, drink cola and beer. He likes George Michael in the music and George Clooney & Quentin Tarantino in the movie.
Alex Geist (Ali, Alien) was born June 12, 1975 in Hannover. He likes extreme sport, different music, Italian food, drink coffee. He likes George Michael in the music and Jan Reno in the movie.
Martin Scholz (Plant) was born October 3, 1970 in Bremen. He likes to sing, listen and play the music, eat spaghetti, drink cola. He listen soul and black music. He likes Michael Jackson in the music and Bruce Willis in the movie.
Karim Maataoui (Kiri) was born September 23, 1974 in Paris!(Wow!) He likes to play in football, swim, sing, drink beer, eat fast food and pizza. He listen funk, soul, black music. He likes George Michael and Blackstreet in the music and George Clooney and Alicia Silverstone in the movie.
Glenn Frey (EBE) was born January 15, 1976 in Delmenhorst. He likes sing, write songs, drawing, vegetarian food, drink cacao. He listen soul and other black music. He likes Blackstreet, Az yet, Babyface, Tony Braxton in the music and Mel Gibson and Meryl Streep in the movie.

Caravan: March, 1999

A lot of girls asked about Touche again. Well, news number one on this time: Karim decided to leave the band. Touche will be sing as four. Is it for the long of time, don't know. The reason of it is the disagreements between Karim and Andren(???).

Caravan: February, 2000

Guys from Dieter Bohlen boy-band Touche will publish a new single in March. The single called "Heaven is for everyone". People who listened this song told that "Heaven is for everyone" stay in the middle between the last work of the group "Dinner in heaven" and all old songs of them. New third album also will publish in March and called "Another part of us".

Vecherniy Almaty: July 30, 2004
"Guest of "Voice of Asia"":

Touche - is one of the popular groups of the young generation. Cute, young, good style and a lot of energy - this is Touche! He guys published a single that was coming in Europe charts and stay in Top10 due to some weeks.

Generation: August 4, 2000
"German group singing on English with the French name":

The main guest who we are waited so long time - is Touche group, of course! They are sang a most popular songs. Spectators sang together with favorites of them. Girls cried and run to the stage. The whole stadium danced by songs of Touche.

One more five
Dieter Bohlen showed own variant of Take that or Backstreet boys in 1997,

new German group singing on English with the French name Touche. The group consisted of five guys: Martin, Alex, Karim, Dennis and Glenn.
Single "Y.M.C.A" was on the first places in German TOPs. This group was two times in Almaty. First time was in fantasy park "Aya" and the second on 11th International festival "The voice of Asia", which finished on Medeo stadium some days ago.

History of the group
There was five guys: Martin ,Alexander , Karim , Dennis and Glenn. Originally, Dieter Bohlen has told, that will be only producer of this group and will not touch their music and texts, but... Soon he has written I Want You Back, I Want Your Heart. And thus became also their composer / poet, though and under a pseudonym Joseph Cooley. Soon the group published first album with the name Part One.
March 31, 1999 Karim left Touche. There were disagreements in the group because of Karim. Last joint work of the guys was single "Kids In America".
"It's happened because Karim was aggressive and egoist. The problems was in the very beginning," Glenn.

Brake of the group?
The remour about brake of the group is not true! We told that we are a very friendly. We haven't plans on solo projects now.

One more time about beautiful girls...
We like girls in Almaty! We saw even yesterday that they are a very pretty.

Do you have any conflicts with other boy-bands?
Our music is commercial and it doesn't like on Backstreet boys music. Do you have any conflicts with other boy-bands? No. We are like one family. We are sang the song with BSB and haven't any conflicts with them.

Why your albums don't publish in USA?
We want to continue a contract with our record company. If our albums will be #1 in Germany only then it publishes in USA. But we are not the most popular group yet. It is only begin


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